Royal Archery Tournament (2021)

Of Myths and Legends

June 18-20, 2021

Autocrat: Lady Dagný austkona
Royal Archery Champion & MIC: Lord Aiden Killkenny

PLEASE NOTE: The information below reflects the plans drafted for the original event in 2020. These plans have not yet been approved or finalized for 2021. Changes will likely be made in light of COVID-19.

You have heard the legends! You have heard of the prowess! Come one, come all to see and be the archers renowned throughout fair Atlantia and the Known World. Not only will this weekend-long event feature the Royal Archery Tournament to select by right of bow and arrow the new Atlantian Archery Champion, it will also feature additional shoots and activities that offer a little something for everyone.

~~~Event Schedule (click here)~~~

~~~Newcomer’s Point~~~
Is this your first event? Come to newcomer’s point for a tour of the event, Gold Key garb, loner archery gear, and a guide to answer your questions!

~~~Martial Activities~~~
MIC: Lord Aiden Killkenny
Royal Archer Championship Tournament (main event, June 19)
“Archer’s Revel” night time archery shoot (carnival style, Fri. June 1Smilie: 8)
Youth Archery Range: featuring youth competition and a stuffed animal shoot— take home what your arrow finds! (Sat. June 19)
Archery Scavenger Hunt (with prizes! Sat. June 19) 
*Note: Details will be announced soon.

~~~A&S Activities~~~
Bardic Bear Pit at the fire after feast (Sat. June 19)
Various classes offered throughout the day (Sat. June 19)
Scroll Blank Competition (Sat. June 19)
Open display for archery-related A&S projects (with populace vote and a prize! Sat. June 19) 
*Note: Details of the competitions will be announced soon.

The Bright Hills Cook’s Guild will be hosting a lunch fundraiser (Sat. June 19).
Feast will be available (Sat. June 19, $10 per person).
Local dining options will be provided.

No merchanting information is available at this time. If you are interested in merchanting, please contact the autocrat.

Make checks payable to SCA, Inc., Barony of Bright Hills
For reservations, please contact the autocrat.
*Note: camping fees cover the entire weekend and are *not* required per night.

FeesDay TripFeastCamping
Adult, Member$15.00$10.00$5.00*
Adult, Non-member$20.00$10.00$5.00*
Youth (5-17)$5.00$10.00$0.00
Child (0-4)$0.00$0.00$0.00

Site opens at 5pm April 24, 2020.
Site closes at 11am April 26, 2020.

The Baltimore Bowmen Archery Club
10301 Harford Rd, Glen Arm, MD 21057

Site restrictions: no alcohol is permitted on the range. Pets are permitted but must be leashed.


Directions are provided for traveling on Harford Road (MD-147).


Pick up Harford Rd North toward Carney off of 695E (exit 31A) or 695W (exit 31B). // Follow Harford Rd ~2 miles. // The turn to enter the club will be on your right.


Travel south on Harford Rd. // Make a *sharp* left hand turn into the Baltimore Bowmen/Graham Equestrian Center (turn is ~1 mile after Factory Rd). // If you begin to see stores/gas stations, you have gone too far. Turn around and see the “FROM THE SOUTH” directions.

Note: You will see signs also for the Graham Equestrian Center at the turn for the archery club. The Bowmen shares the location with the Center; you will drive straight through the Equestrian Center’s parking lot and through the yellow gate to arrive at the club. If the gate is closed when you arrive, contact the autocrat. Troll will be at the bottom of the hill by the flag pole on April 25th.

~~~Additional Autocrat Information~~~
Lady Dagný austkona (Rachael Knoblauch)
Phone: (301) 4811949, E-mail:

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