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Baroness Freydis and Baron Graham during their first court at Bright Hills Investiture. Photo by Wanda the Wanderer.

“Semper Optima Ex Coles Luminosis”
Only the Best from Bright Hills!

 The Barony of Bright Hills comprises the Lands Modernly Known as Baltimore City and the counties of Baltimore, Cecil, Carroll, and Harford, it is the oldest of the two northern-most baronies in the Kingdom of Atlantia.

Within the Barony, our Baron and Baroness, His Excellency Graham MacRobert and Her Excellency Baroness Freydís sjóna, are the representatives of the Crown of Atlantia. Their Excellencies and the Officers of the Barony oversee the many activities, events, and services that the Barony provides for the populace.

Welcome to the Current Middle Ages! The Barony of Bright Hills is a branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. (SCA). The SCA is a nonprofit, international educational organization dedicated to the study and re-creation of life in the Middle Ages and Renaissance. For over four decades members and groups in the SCA have held tournaments, festivals, classes, and feasts. Unlike Renaissance Festivals, every person at an SCA event is part of the re-creation: there is no audience. We all dress in (or make an attempt to dress in) pre-1600s style clothing (garb) and try to act as if we are in the time period. While our focus is mostly on Europe prior to the 1600s, we also include all cultures that had contact with Europe such as Asia, Africa, and even the Americas at the very end of period.

The Yeoman is the baronial newsletter and is available online. The Office of the Chatelaine provides information to newcomers and helps individuals interested in the SCA get involved with the Barony.

For information on practices, gatherings, and events, please contact the Seneschal or Chatelaine, or any of the Baronial Officers. More event details are available on our official Google calendar.