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The populace of Bright Hills are well-known in the Kingdom and throughout the Knowne World for their martial skill and dedication in archery and heavy fighting (including combat archery and siege weapons). For more information, please select the links below.

~~~ ArcheryHeavy Fighting ~~~

The populace also participates in other martial activities, including rapier and thrown weapons. Contacting the chatelaine will help connect newcomers to the individuals that participate in these activities (view the officer’s page for contact details).


There is a rich A&S community in Bright Hills. Most notable is our celebrated Cook’s Guild, which has provided gorgeous and delicious day boards and feasts across Atlantia. To get more information or get involved, please contact Mistress Jeanne Tenneur de Bec. 

Our populace is also engaged in A&S activities including illumination and calligraphy, fiber arts, bardic arts, and much much more! For more information, we invite you to contact our Minister of Arts and Sciences (MOAS, contact information available on our officer’s page).