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Bright Hills archers and the archery program is known throughout the Known World. Our archers are some of the premier target and combat archers in the Kingdom and Known World.

We have a very capable crew of marshals and archers that have many years of experience among them.

We practice on Sundays, at the Baltimore Bowmen site. Current and future participants are encouraged to view the Baronial calendar for dates and times. We have loaner gear and marshals willing to help all newcomers.

For more information on the Bright Hills Archery program, contact the Baronial Target Archery Marshal, Lady Eadgyth the Archer.

Defending the Gate, A.S. LIII. Left to Right: Lord Aiden Killkenny, Lady Dagný austkona, Master Godai Katsunaga, Master Seamus McRay. Photo by Baroness Wanda Ostojowna.