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Baronial Birthday

February 12th, 2022 A.S. LVI (56)

It begins in grey, winter weary halls, filled with huddled patrons, passing the time, while waiting for the imminent return of spring. Boisterous conversations eb and pitch between secrets not kept and loud guffaws at tawdry jokes made at a friend’s expense. As the evening progresses, churning conversations eventually turn back to shared passed adventures. The tales of each becoming more legendary then the last. Until… it is learned that one adventure is still missing from the repertoire…..
Join our story as and our band of adventurers as they head to the mountains to find the fabled Kleine Rosengarten of Good King Laurin himself. Become a part of the story of love and deceit, betrayal and admiration. Bring your warm travel gear, for the cold breath of winter seeks to freeze the limbs. At the end, we will all reunite back in the halls with fresh stories and new jokes to share.