Baronial Events

Trial By Fire / Lochmere Arrow 2018

August 31 – September 3, 2018 A.S. LIII (53)

The Barony of Bright Hills welcomes all to Trial by Fire – ABCs (Archers, Bards and Cooks) featuring the shoot for the Lochmere Arrow.  Try your skill at archery, bardcraft, cooking or poetry.  Archers will vie for the treasured Lochmere Arrow. Bards will entertain around the fire. Cooks will face the flames to create the finest main courses, side dishes, grains and desserts. And yes, there will be a poetry competition sponsored by the Poeta Atlantiae, Lord Ishmael Baleinier! Sunday brings classes for all to enjoy.

Baronial Birthday 2019

February 9th, 2019 A.S. LIII (53)

The Barony of Bright Hills invites you to join us as we celebrate our 25th Anniversary as a Barony.  Since the Silver Anniversary is a very special day we shall be celebrating the arts with aspects of Silver in a Mardi Gras themed Anniversary celebration. We hope to see many pieces of garb sporting silver in all forms.

This 25th Anniversary is also a day for celebrating our current Coronets, Baron Kollack von Zweckle and Baroness Rebecca von Zweckle, as they prepare to retire to their private estates and welcome their Heirs to the thrones of Bright Hills. Thus, we will also be graced with a visit from Their Majesties.