Trial By Fire / Lochmere Arrow 2017


Trial by Fire/Lochmere Arrow
September 8-10, 2017
Barony of Bright Hills
Trial by Fire/Lochmere Arrow is returning to Bright Hills September 8-10.  Archers will vie for the coveted Lochmere Arrow. The bards will keep all entertained.  Plus, this year is the 20th anniversary of the Trial By Fire cooking competition, so the cooks have some special competitions planned. Camping is available and there will be a potluck Saturday night.  It’s time to put it on your calendar, so you don’t miss out.
MARTIAL ACTIVITIES:   Archers will compete for the right to bring the Lochmere Arrow home to their barony, shire or canton.  The actual shoot is always creative, fiercely contested and a lot of fun!

LOCHMERE ARROW COMPETITION: Good gentles, Bright Hills will be hosting the Lochmere Arrow this year. Anyone can participate in this shoot. To compete for the Lochmere Arrow you will need to have teams of two from any Barony, Shire or Canton. Teams of two will shoot together and at the end of the day the highest score will be the winner of the Lochmere Arrow. If you win this competition you or your group agrees to host next year’s Lochmere Arrow.

It is recommended to bring as many arrows/bolts as you can. There are several timed stations that you may need plenty arrows/bolts.

This shoot is designed for every level of archer with the main emphasis on having fun.

Inspections start at 9am and the shoot will start at 10am.

Any questions please contact Seamus McRay at seamusmcray [AT]


If this is your first time to participate in the Lochmere Arrow shoot, here is some information you may need to know.

How are the teams comprised? Teams are formed by 2 individuals from the same Barony, Canton, Shire.

Is the winning team required to run the shoot the next year? Yes. The winning team must run or their Group must host the Lochmere competition next year.

What is the Lochmere Arrow? The Lochmere Arrow started in the dim mists of time to challenge the archery prowess of each Barony or group in the Kingdom of Atlantia. I believe it is named the Lochmere Arrow because Lochmere was unbeatable for many years (10).

Are teams by Barony only? Teams are formed by 2 individuals from the same Barony, Canton or Shire.

Are there skill requirements? So this is an odd question. Yes, you have to be able to shoot a bow safely. The ranges are design so everyone can score points.

How many teams can represent a group? As many as you can field.

Equipment restrictions? SCA and Atlantian rules apply. This will be a one bow competition.

Will there be a target range aside from the competition? NO.

What kinds of shoots will there be? Come and find out.

Terrain restrictions?  If you have mobility concerns contact Seamus McRay at seamusmcray [AT] for any assistance or adjustment in the shooting instructions. We will do everything possible to accommodate all archers.
We highly recommend bringing insect repellant and sun block. Water and food will be plentiful.

If anyone has any concerns please reach out to Seamus McRay at seamusmcray [AT]

Marshall in Charge:  Lord David FitzMartin (David Bauer), 404-281-3790, david.astgtciv [AT]
A&S Activities: 
Several competitions are being held.
TRIAL BY FIRE COMPETITION: This is the 20th anniversary of the Trial by Fire competition, so all previous Grand Champions are asked to mentor entrants in this competition!  We hope to have lots of cooks and lots of mentors!
The basic Trial by Fire competition requires period recipes to be prepared onsite over using open flames and limited to cooking technologies used at the Pennsic War.  No electricity allowed!  However, you can use fire bowls, camp stoves, caterer’s burners and hand tools.  Documentation is required.  Minimum documentation would include the original recipe, its source and your redaction.  If the recipe uses period ingredients and methods, but not a period recipe, document all ingredients and methods to one culture, time and place.  If there is an issue as to whether specific ingredients are period, Food by Waverly Root may be used to make that determination.
Other cooking competitions will also be held.  See the event website for more details.
Cooking Competition Official Rules
The Challenge is to create a period dish under the conditions found at the Pennsic War.
The Categories are: 1) Best Main Dish (Includes fish and shellfish); 2) Best Vegetable; 3) Best Grain (includes bread); 4) Best Dessert; and 5) Grand Champion which is to be awarded at the Judges’ discretion.
The Rules:
The recipe must either be: published between 650 and 1650 AD (Apicius will be accepted); OR have all ingredients and cooking methods documented in period.*
At least 3 copies of the recipes must be brought to the competition.
Do not label these with your name as judging is blind.
Competitors must bring all ingredients to site and prepare the dish on site. An ingredient requiring more than four hours preparation is acceptable ONLY if it is an ingredient and not the entire dish.**
Dishes must be prepared under conditions as found at PENNSIC.  No electric appliances. Acceptable examples: grill, smoker, Dutch oven, battery-operated tools or spit over an open fire in a fire bowl. If you have questions, please ask.
You must bring all cookers, pots, pans, utensils, dishes, etc. necessary to prepare your dish. 
(NOTE: Please mark all your utensils, dishes, etc., so that the orphans left behind can be reunited with their loved ones.)
Dish must be sufficient to serve 8 to 10 healthy adults. (No penalty for making more.)
Each competitor may enter only one dish per category, but may enter as many categories as desired.
All competitors must register by 3:00 pm on the day of the competition with the Registrar.
The site will open at 9:00 a.m. for set up and registration.
Preparation and cooking will begin at 12:00 noon.
Dishes must be completed and ready to serve at 4:00 p.m.
The Judging: Judges will be drawn from impartial Notables present. Judging will be blind and will use these criteria. 
Presence of and completeness of Documentation.
Again, please do not place your name on your documentation.
2)   Taste
3)   Texture
4)   Presentation
5)   Bonus points based on the judges’ experience in the field of period cooking. For example: if a dish has been religiously copied from a period source despite complexity or cost or if a dish displays notable creativity within a recipe, etc.
Prizes will be awarded after the completion of the judging.
Please contact Baroness Wynne ferch Rhodri at or Mistress Jeanne Tennuar de Bec at if you have questions or need an ingredient verified and put “TRIAL by FIRE” in the subject heading.
* “Food” by Waverly Root will be used as the final arbiter for periodicity. There will be a copy on site.
** No advance preparation is permitted, UNLESS the recipe clearly states that the step requires more than four hours. Documentation is required.
*** Minimal documentation should include (1) the original recipe; (2) your redaction; and (3) your notes related to any changes made in the recipe and your reasons therefore, and any other pertinent information.
Please do not label either the documentation or the recipes with your name so as to allow for blind judging.
BARDIC COMPETITION:  Bright Hills Bardic Champion, Lord Faolan Mac Raghnaill, will hold a bardic competition. 

Bardic Competition: Mistress Fevronia is hosting a bardic competition at Trial by Fire.  You need to perform two pieces, one period and one on either archery or fire.   So get your hot stuff together and come on out to Trial by Fire for some fun and maybe go home with a prize!

POETRY COMPETITION:   Lady Deirdre O’Bardon is offering a prize for the best poem in any period style about fire, food, archery or bards.  Don’t let the period requirement scare you.  Most rhyming poetry is in a period style.  This includes couplets, four line stanzas, three line stanzas and lots more!  You get extra points for documentation. If you have any questions, please contact Deirdre at .
Cost:    Adult Full Price                      Site:  $17.00 Feast: $0.00     Camping:  $0.00
Adult Member Discount         Site $12.00             Feast: $0.00            Camping:  $0.00        
Child (5-17):                           Site:  $6.00   Feast: $0.00     Camping:  $0.00
Camping:        Included in site fee.
Make checks payable to: SCA, Inc. Barony of Bright Hills
Site:    Graham Memorial Park, 10301 Harford Road, Glen Arm, MD 21057.  Site opens 5:00 pm Friday and closes at noon on Sunday.
Site Restrictions:  No alcohol on the archery field.  No ground fires outside of firepits.
Feast: Feast will be a potluck dinner.  Just bring a dish large enough to feed at least 8.
Lady Livia di Samuele is bringing her famous Sekunjabin Tavern to Trial by Fire/Lochmere Arrow.
There will be a fundraiser lunch sponsored by the Equestrians.
Merchanting Information:   “Merchants are welcome. Please contact Lady Livia di Samuele at Abramsonsm [AT] or 301-807-5476.”
Autocrats Information:  Deirdre O’Bardon (Debbie Eccles), 707 Hammershire Road, Owings Mills, MD 21117. Phone 410-455-9444.  E-mail: deirdre_obardon [AT]
Reservations: Cairell mac Cormaic (Carl Jacobson), 7927 Mandan Road, No. 104, Greenbelt, MD 20770.  cairellmaccormaic [AT]  Please list the names of the people included in the reservation as well as whether each is an adult, a discounted adult member, or a child.
From the DC/Virginia area:
  • Take Interstate 95 North to Baltimore.
  • Follow Rte 95 thru the Fort McHenry tunnel.
  • Stay on Rte 95 until you come to Rte 695.
  • Take Exit 64 towards Towson. (While on Rte 95 get in the right lane)
  • Follow Rte 695 about 2 miles. Look for Harford Rd, take exit 31B
  • Follow Harford Rd about 2 miles. Count 3 traffic lights.
  • When you get to the second traffic light you are real close. (North Wind Rd)
  • Follow Harford Road down the hill about 1/4 mile. Look for signs on the right 
  • Turn right and follow road thru to the second gate.
From the north:

  • Take Interstate 95 South to Baltimore.
    Follow Rte 95 to Rte 695. Take the ramp on the right towards Towson.
    Follow Rte 695 about 2 miles. Take exit 31B, Harford Rd.
    Follow Harford Rd about 2 ¼ miles.
    Look for signs on the right
    Turn right and follow road thru to the second gate
From Southern Maryland:
  • Take your best route to I-95.
  • Follow I-95 to I-895 until it merges with I-95.
  • Take Exit 64 (I-695) towards Towson to Harford Rd Exit 31B
  • Follow Harford Rd about 2 ¼ miles.
  • Look for signs on the right 
  • Turn right and follow road thru to the second gate.
From the west:
  • Take I-70 to Baltimore
  • Take I-695 exit towards Towson to Harford Rd Exit 31B
  • Follow Harford Rd about 2 ¼ miles.
  • Look for signs on the right 
  • Turn right and follow road thru to the second gate.


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