Harvest Wars, A.S. LIV

September 27-29, 2019

Hear the beat of the war drums, Atlantia’s borders are under threat of invasion! The summer is over and the harvest is in—now is the time to raid your neighbor’s bounty. An invitation is extended to Aethelmearc, Kingdom of the East and Atlantia to come and enlarge their own harvest by raiding their neighbors. There will be cattle and food raids, siege engine pumpkin chucking (bring your own pumpkins), along with many battles. There will be A&S displays and contests, children’s activities and a daytime 
bardic circle of bone-tingling tales, not to mention a fabulous feast featuring our bounteous harvest.


Martial Activities

Heavy Fighting Competition • Rapier Scenarios • Thrown Weapons • Youth Martial activities • Cattle Raids • Sheep Tosses Fish Feeding • Frenzy Siege Pumpkin Chuck • Target Archery
MiC is Lord Randvér askmaðr
MoL is Lord Alexander Fowler


Arts & Sciences Activities // A&S Displays and Contests 

  • Open display – Suggest entrants have a notepad or 3×5 cards for comments. 
  • “New to me Novice Competition” – Entries must be something you’ve tried for the first time in the last year. Documentation suggested but not required.
  • “Harvest Wars Triathlon” – Must enter three items. There are six categories and you must pick three of those categories for your entries. Documentation required. Does not have to match your persona. Categories are:
    • (A) Oat cakes – This is the food category. Recipes, Preservation methods, special dishes, etc.
    • (B) A Wee Dram – Beverages for the Winter months. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic.
    • (C) Hedge witches and Ague cures – Herbalism in all its glory. Uses for various herbs, recipes for all sorts of ‘cures’, Customs and practices of herbalists and ‘Wise Women’. Bring your own leeches.
    • (D) Everything but the Baa! – Once the meat and certain organs are harvested, what uses can you find for hides, hooves, bones, horns, etc. – clothing, shoes, utensils, etc.
    • (E) Holidays and Cabin Fever! – Holiday customs and practices, superstitions, holiday games, dances, things to keep the little ones occupied, music and musical instruments. Needlework, sewing, beading, etc.
    • (F) Whittling away the days – Wood – wooden tools, weapons, utensils, looms, toys, anything but firewood.  
    • “The first Memorial Cook-Off Competition” – In honor of Master Chirhart Blackstar. This year’s theme is BACON, BACON, BACON. Any medium. Documentation is requested, but not mandatory.*

*Please see the competition flyer for more information.


Cost and Payments

Adult, Member:  $15.00 Day-Trip // $12.00 Feast    FREE Camping*
        Adult, Non-Member:      $20.00 Day-Trip // $12.00 Feast    FREE Camping*
        Youth (5-17):   $6.00 Day-Trip  // $12.00 Feast    FREE Camping*
        Child (0-4)**:    $0.00 Day-Trip  // $0.00 Feast     FREE Camping*

*No cost for camping, but spaces must be reserved. Contact autocrat.
**If a child is occupying a seat/chair at feast, child’s feast cost is $6.00.  Babes in arms are guests of the Barony.

Feast Information
Mistress Wynne ferch Rhodri (Jill Peters) 
443-519-9382 (NLT 9 PM)
Dietary concerns should be addressed to the Head Cook

Make Checks Payable To:  SCA, Inc., Barony of Bright Hills


Site Information

Caroline County 4-H Park, 8314 Detour Road, Denton MD 21629
Site opens 5pm Friday, closes 11 a.m. on Sunday.

Site Restrictions: 
No animals except working service animals.
No alcohol sales.
No ground fires.
Must use a fire bowl.
No original containers. 
If you bring a container in – pack it out with you.


Merchanting Information

Merchanting is FREE.  Please contact the 
Autocrat for more information and electricity.


Other Information

  • Children’s Activities and Bardic Fyts will be held.
  • Lunch will be provided by Spiaggia Levantina
  • There will be a Potluck Dinner Friday night
  • There will be a Silent Auction to benefit the Baronial Coronet Fund
  • There will be a Quilt Auction to benefit the Kingdom Travel 
  • Fund.



Send reservations to:

Mistress Chagan Khulan (Karen Whitlock)
891 Walker St., Aberdeen, MD 21001

Kindly include both SCA and modern names as well as Membership numbers with your check. Please indicate ages of any youth or under 6 children included in the reservation.  If you have questions contact via 
chagankhulan@gmail.com or by phone at 443-789-9050 (NLT 9:00 PM). E-mail is more reliable.



Baroness Tatiana Ivanovna of Birchwood Keep (Claudia Bosworth)
248 Inlet Drive, Pasadena, MD 21122 
Phone: (410) 437-7090, E-mail:  crbosworth@aol.com



The site is in Denton, Maryland. The best route from the west is to come over the Bay Bridge. Continue on US 50 East (about 7 miles) to MD 404 and turn left at the traffic light. MD 404 is also called Shore Highway. Follow 404 about 17 miles till you reach Harmony Rd. **Harmony Road is also Rt. 16. 
The highway sign for Harmony Rd. has a different road name on it. Turn right on Harmony Road / Rt. 16. Go to Detour Rd. about 1.5 miles and turn 
left. The 4-H park is well marked and on the right. From North or South, take US 13 to Rt. 404 (intersection is near Bridgeville DE) and turn West. Follow the directions above.

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