Baronial Birthday 2019


February 9th, 2019 A.S. LIII (53)


The Barony of Bright Hills invites you to join us as we celebrate our 25th Anniversary as a Barony.  Since the Silver Anniversary is a very special day we shall be celebrating the arts with aspects of Silver in a Mardi Gras themed Anniversary celebration. We hope to see many pieces of garb sporting silver in all forms.

This 25th Anniversary is also a day for celebrating our current Coronets, Baron Kollack von Zweckle and Baroness Rebecca von Zweckle, as they prepare to retire to their private estates and welcome their Heirs to the thrones of Bright Hills. Thus, we will also be graced with a visit from Their Majesties.


ActivitiesCheck the website often as we add more activities and details to the list.

Plan on a day filled with A & S activities, Bardic brilliance, Children’s activities, Courts, a fine feast, merchants, The Sekunjabin Tavern, classes and….weather permitting…. Archery, Heavy Weapons, Youth fighting, Rapier and possibly more.


Competitions. Currently we are planning competitions to choose our Baronial A & S champion, Baronial Brewing Champion and The Bardic Bearpit Champion as well as other competitions.

Baronial Brewing Competition:

Greetings, fellow brewers!!! As the Baronial Brewing Champion for the Barony of Bright Hills, it is my pleasure to announce the upcoming brewing competition at Bright Hills 25th Baronial Birthday, scheduled for February 9, 2019. There will be two competitions at the event:

1) An open competition for anyone to enter with prizes; and
2) The Baronial Brewer competition.

Open Competition: Anyone is welcome to enter into the open competition within the following usual categories: beer/ale, mead/wine, cordials, and non-alcoholic beverages.
Baronial Brewing Champion Competition: Entrants in the Baronial Brewing Champion competition should exhibit a diversity of abilities in brewing. As such, include at least two (2) separate entries in any of the above categories for consideration as Bright Hills next Baronial Brewing Champion.

Please abide by these additional requirements/suggestions for each competition:
1. You MUST mark your bottle – a label or well-attached tag – with your name and a list of ALL the ingredients, or it won’t be considered.
2. Documentation is encouraged and will be rewarded with additional points in the judging of the competitions. I want to know what historical recipe you’re using (including your sources), your redaction (what you actually did; there are always compromises), and what you’d do differently the next time you make it.
3. I will be using the Kingdom of Atlantia Brewers Guild Judging Forms for both competitions. Feel free to review them in advance of the competitions.

Lord Michel von Schönsee, Companion of the Pearl

Baronial A & S Champions Competition:

The time has come once again for Bright Hills to choose a new A&S Champion. In keeping with the Mardi Gras theme of the Bright Hills Birthday Celebration this year the competition will be as follows:

The Lenten season of austerity and fasting will soon be upon us. But before we see Shrovetide pass let’s eat heartily and participate in rowdy revels. In preparation for these celebrations, create your best party themed art. Make it loud, make it bold, make it bright! Make it illuminated, make it garb, make it metal! Just make it! Be creative and be inspired by an exemplar but be creative in your work.
Documentation of the exemplar for entries is required. Entries will be judged on execution and creativity but not on adherence to the exemplar.

If you have any questions please contact Freydis sjona (Casey Keener) at

Scribal Competition:

Lady Alexandria Wright, Baronial Signet, invites all scribes to enter a competition to honor those of the Barony in the form of Scroll blanks.  All levels of scribes welcome to provide blanks for the Baronial Signet office of blanks for Baronial Awards.

The following guidelines apply:
– Blanks must be made on one of the following: Smooth Bristol; Pergamenata or Arches Hot Press
– They must include space for text no smaller than 5” x 7”  unless you choose to include the scroll text, in which case leave space to fill in the name of the person receiving the award as well as the date it is given with a light pencil line.
– Scrolls can be either 7.5” x 9.5” or 10.5” x 13.5” with at least a ¾” border all around.

Should you have any questions pleas contact Lady Alexandria (Andrea Scott) at

Float competition:

There will be a competition for the best table decoration sized ‘float’, complete with its own Krewe. Float must be no larger than 12” wide and 18” long. No height restriction. The float theme should be ‘Mardi Gras’. ‘Floats’ will be presented, parade fashion, during feast and the winner will be selected by the gentles seated at High Table. Prize sponsored by the Autocrat. For More information contact Chagan Khulan (Karen Whitlock) at


Classes. Classes scheduled include:

  • Period Beadwork. Lady Sindaras is offering two classes on this subject. A class on documentation class wiLl be held first and followed by a class on period beadwork. The beading class includes some basic bead embroidery techniques and 2 simple jewelry techniques. This way people will get a taste of both. The class supplies are $7 a kit. The kit includes instructions, 2 needles, thread, a square of cotton, a small embroidery hoop and beads. I have discovered I have too many beads so I am going to have nice beads for the class. The documentation class doesn’t have a class size limit,  but the beadwork needs to be limited to 12. For Additional information contact Lady Sindara (Sharon Saroff) at or by phone at 410-961-2739. No calls after 9:00PM.
  • Kumihimo for beginners. Have you seen those neat braids that have become so popular with awards?  Have you wanted to learn the general history about them?  Lady Livia di Samuele will be teaching a class at birthday.  $5.00 will but you a basic set with a traditional 8 strand braid ( one foam form, instructions, a weight, and 8 clothes pins with enough cotton to make 3 feet of braid). If you have any questions please contact Lady Livia (Sherrill Abramson) at 301-807-5476 (no calls after 9:00 PM) or at * Phone calls are preferred.


Archery. Greetings archers! This year at the Baronial Anniversary Event there will be archery, weather permitting. The schedule is below along with some additional announcements.

  • We will be hosting a Silent Auction of Arrows to help raise money as a birthday gift to the Barony. We invite you all to bring your own carefully crafted arrow to auction! The only rule is to create an arrow–the level of complexity/documentation/creative flair is entirely up to you. We will be providing a commemorative tag to accompany the arrow. These arrows will be displayed in the main hall for all to bid on. This is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the craftsmanship of our archery community, so we hope you will participate! Please contact the MiC’s if you plan to contribute an arrow.
  • For the competition shoot, awards will be given to the highest scoring participant from each overall royal round level (novice through GBE), with the highest scoring period archer from each category recognized as well. There will also be a youth award.
  • Marshals: If you would like to help with set up, we will run from ~8 – 10am as needed. Please contact us if you think you will be available. Please bring a mallet if you have one. We will also be running 2 lines during the event–one for the competition shoot and one for teaching/practicing. If you would be willing to volunteer to run a line, please contact the MiC’s and include when/how long you would like to marshal.
  • Schedule: 10 am – range and silent auction set up complete, morning court. 10:30 am – inspections begin, range opens. 3 pm – Competition closes, score cards in, range closes.

Marshals in Charge:
Lady Dagny (contact via facebook or at
Lord Aiden (contact at


Lunch – The Bright Hills Archers are hosting a fundraiser lunch. Suggested donation is $5.00.

Merchants are always welcome!  If you are interested in merchanting please contact Lady Livia di Samuele (Sherrill Abramson) at at 301-807-5476 (no calls after 9:00 PM) or at  * Phone calls are preferred.

Site –  The Manchester VFD Activities Bldg, 3297 York St., Manchester, MD 21102

Site opens at 7 AM for kitchen & hall set up, 8:00 AM for merchants to check in, 9:00 Troll opens to all and 10:00 AM the event begins.  The hall closes at 10:00 PM.

**Troll will be open at 8:00 for staff and merchants to check in.


Event fees

Site fee is $15.00 for Adults, $10.00 for Adult SCA Members, $5.00 for all youth 6-17. Children under 6 are guests of the Barony.

Feast – The fee is $10.00 for 6 to 96 years old. Under 6 will need an extra chair at the table and there is no feast fee for them. Please do not sign up the under 6 youth for feast seats. The menu can be found here.

**There will be a seating chart sign up at check-in. Please sign up before you leave check-in. Please do not sign up anyone who has not yet checked in.

**Please note – If you have dietary restrictions of any sort and are staying for feast, PLEASE contact the Head Cook.  We can address those food issues if we have prior notice.  Kindly contact the Head Cook no later than January 25th to make arrangements.

Head Cook is Rhys of Ravenhill AKA ‘Raven’ (James Wieland). Phone calls preferred between 4:00 PM and 9:00 PM. Phone # 203-948-5369 E-mail is

Please make checks payable to SCA-MD, Barony of Bright Hills. The only good reservation is a paid reservation. We cannot ‘save’ seats at feast.

Autocrat; Chagan Khulan (Karen Whitlock) 891 Walker St., Aberdeen, MD 21001.         E-mail is  Phone is 443-789-9050 (No calls after 9 PM)

Reservations should be sent to the Autocrat. Please include the names of adults and names and ages of children under 18. If SCA members, please include membership numbers.


No smoking in or close to the building.  The site is discretely damp. No pets, but service animals are allowed.


Directions –

From the North, due South or East – Take your best route to Baltimore, MD and I-695 (Balto. Beltway). Follow I-695 to Exit # 19 / rte I-795. Follow I-795 West+/- 9 miles to MD rte 30/Hanover Pike. Turn Left onto rte 30 and follow it +/- 14 miles to Manchester. Once in Manchester turn Right onto York Street and follow it several blocks. The site will be on your Right. Look for the curved stone gateway.

From West and parts of DC and No.Va – Take your best route to I-70 and exit # 68/Mt. Airy/MD rte 27 North until it dead ends in Manchester, MD. Turn Right onto Main St/rte 30 and go several blocks to the next traffic light and turn Left onto York St. Follow York St. several blocks. The site will be on your Right. Look for the curved stone gateway.

For directions from elsewhere, kindly contact the Autocrat.

For information on local motels, click here.

Google Maps link here